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A very useful site for helping out in the HTML department is BrainJar's guide to CSS positioning is very good.

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A better site is's style sheet page but the basics are to try the following:

CSS Features

Browser compliance to CSS standards is considerably poorer than their compliance to HTML standards, which isn't good. Features, therefore, abound and I'll document a couple here.

IE6 not displaying CSS floated objects

IE6 not displaying CSS floated objects

A very subtle one, this. Take an object, perhaps a div or an img which you want to float to provide a neat collection of related objects. A photo album, say.

.floated { float: left ; }

When you come to view this, potentially you won't see a thing. Maybe, if you're lucky a few images might pop out of the side of the containing block. The problem lies with a lack of position. Without a relative position, IE6 gives the object a z-index of something less than 1. This means that the background will be over the top of the objects (other than those that peek out the side). An easy fix:

.floated { position: relative ; float: left ; }