Lunanbay Limited was dissolved on 20th May 2003. I filled in the forms for it to be dissolved on the 3rd September 2002. That's not a quick service though the proceedings did get stuck in the Inland Revenue who thought that it owed PAYE due to an accounting error by the less than satisfactory accountants I used.

Let me worry about it as I wrote a cheque to clear the funds from the corporate bank account the day before the company was officially dissolved and the bank account frozen. The cheque bounced.

The funds are now bona vacantia (L. ownerless goods) meaning they've gone to the government for safekeeping. I have two choices to retrieve the money (about £1350) both requiring a pile of (solicitor) witnessed documents:

  1. Apply to the High Court for the company to be re-instated to the Register of Companies
  2. Apply to the Treasury Solictor to be nice to me and pay out the `lion's share' of the money, promising not to ever try to re-instate the company to the Register.

How tiresome.